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Packaging policy and packaging engineering and tec
Release time:2014/6/5

With the rapid development of Yu of socialist commodity economy and the level of our technology package to improve, the relevant departments have been and are in line with China's national conditions to develop several, deepening reform, expanding opening up to meet the foil to packaging policy. Which mainly include:

(1) enterprises as producers and operators of goods, should pay attention to the packaging of goods, as far as possible the use of advanced packaging techniques improved the packing of the goods, to ensure the products quality, reduce loss, improve efficiency.

(2) establish a sound technical regulations, standards and strive to achieve the packaging materials, packaging containers and other packaging products and industrial products package. Production and no production without standards.

<3) to build packaging products production license and quality certification system, and strive to improve the quality of packaging products, to prevent the shoddy goods to enter the market, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

(4) to strengthen the packaging test and test and set up the navicert system in the transport sector. Without testing packages test qualified, transport department has the right to refuse the carriage.

(5) to encourage enterprises to make students adopt international advanced packaging technology, improve product packaging, the expansion of foreign trade.

(6) in addition to the relevant policies and regulations of the state, in the defense industry system, in the early 80 s, the packaging technology behind the 1: industry of our country, had stated on new product should be put forward tactics and technique of the protective packaging requirements, the development and packaging product development to maintain synchronization, at the same time identification, ensure the reliability of the product packaging protection.

The above package of policies and regulations, basically refers to the packaging policy of developed countries, in line with China's national conditions, has a practical feasibility.

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