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Packaging industry is badly in need of green envir
Release time:2014/6/5

China is large, but not a packaging power. China packaging industry is facing great opportunities for development. The rapid development of the consumer goods industry, brings the demand in paper packaging market is growing rapidly, paper products production increased rapidly, the proportion is the largest, but the rapid speed in quantity, but also brought a series of problems.

Paper packaging quality uneven, some good and some bad, paper box, gift box with plastic environmental problems, these are the development of an inevitable problem in. Packaging industry should be based on the green environmental protection, realize the sustainable development of the packaging industry.

The characteristics of several kinds of printing

In recent years, domestic and foreign brand products and export products put forward higher requirements on the packaging carton, carton printing.

On the one hand, carton transport packaging to packaging development, packaging carton printing text requires a clear pattern, color and gradually developed into three color, six color, requires accurate chromatic, network development from the current 60 lines to 80 lines, at the same time requirements of packaging and printing machinery very high accuracy, and to develop flexo packaging printing.

On the other hand, gradually to replace the gray paperboard packaging paperboard, the development of white color surface printing, water-based ink to replace oil-based ink, so that the packing surface appearance, clear, bright, high printing technology, to improve the added value of the goods, and meet environmental protection requirements.

Whether the common market, gift box packaging, or color box, kraft carton will inevitably use the printing process.

There are four main printing: offset printing in China, stencil printing, letterpress printing, gravure printing. Offset printing is a lithographic printing, screen printing is a stencil printing and flexible printing is a relief printing.

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